• 15th Application: Bilecik Demir Çelik
    15th Application: Bilecik Demir Çelik

    Another successful application has been completed over the Turkey Circular Economy Platform which assisted member companies in their journey to explore circular economy opportunities and create both environmental and economic outcomes.

    As one of ‘The Circular Vouchers’ recipient companies, Bilecik Demir Çelik used this opportunity to carry out a study on the potential of secondary raw material production from refractory waste that is already being used in the steel production facility.

    The study was led by the Company General Manager Muammer Bilgiç, Steel Mill Facility Manager Uğur Cengiz and EBRD Technical Consultant Beyhan Özdemir. In the study, secondary raw material production from refractory waste materials was examined. In addition to determining potential buyers in various sectors (Refractory industry, Abrasive industry, Welding electrode, Refractory paint industry, etc.), a significant achievement was made concerning the utilization of the waste material

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  • 12th Transaction: PepsiCo & Aromsa
    12th Transaction: PepsiCo & Aromsa

    Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM), continues to bring companies together while assessing the applicability of transaction opportunities and, supporting analysis and investment studies to use alternative materials in processes.

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  • 11th Transaction: Nurol & Arkim
    11th Transaction: Nurol & Arkim

    TMM has achieved another success in supporting the process of exploring industrial symbiosis opportunities, creating environmental outcomes through circular economy.

    The 11th transaction was completed between Arkim and Nurol Construction.

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