How it works

A registered participant who wishes to dispose their material in a better fashion plays the role of a seller and posts alisting about the material. Other registered participants can express their interest, resulting in one of them initiating a transaction to purchase the material.

Listing Materials

Click "Add New Material" in the top right to create a material listing. Try to be as detailed as possible when creating listings. Before saving, if you're missing important details like quantity, photos, etc. choose the option “Pending” for Listing status. This way, only you will see the listing in your account. When the material is fully defined, choose the option “Enabled” for Listing status and your material will be visible to all participants.

The project team has full access to edit and add to listings on the platform; if you've discussed materials with one of us, or we've been to your facility, we may add additional details to your listing.

About listing fields:

Waste code - the participant can search for a specific waste code (e.g. 01 03 99 , 01 05 04) or by waste category title and select the waste code in which the material falls.

Quantity & Unit - quantity can only be a number; the drop down below is used to select unit of measurement (pieces, pounds, tons, cubic feet, cubic yards, or gallons).

Location - Before adding materials, a participant can define in their address book more than one address where materials are available. When adding a material, the location can be selected from the existing defined addresses or a new one can be added.

Generation - It shows the listing available just this one time, or is the material generated on an ongoing basis. If ongoing, select the generation interval associated with the quantity entered above - X unit generated weekly, for example.

Transportation and Logistics - for available materials, if the buyer wants to pick it up, or to arrange/accept delivery or third-party shipping. Check the corresponding box(es). If posting a wanted material, think opposite - are you willing to go pick up materials, or do you need them shipped to your location?

Additional Documentation - Show what types of additional documentation is available about the material. Documents do not need to be uploaded when creating a posting; however, most buyers will want to know that additional documentation can be provided if/when a transaction moves forward.

Recycle/Re-usability Rating - this field helps our team and other users gauge how transaction-ready a listing is.

Expiration Date - you can determine how long your listing is open. After the expiration date the listing will close automatically, and will not be visible in any normal listing views. You can reopen the listing after it has closed from your profile page.

Interacting with Other Users and Listings

Public Discussion: if you have a question about a material and you think others would benefit from knowing that information as well, use the public discussion box on the listing. Messages here can be seen by all users on the platform.

If you want to follow the public discussion from a certain material or you want to check if you are already following it, click on the (Don’t) get emails about new comments. Once you click on this option, a window displaying your following status is opened and you can choose to change your option or leave it as it is.

Private Conversations: if you want to have a private conversation with the owner of a listing, click the Contact button below the owner's name in a listing.

Start a Transaction

If you're ready to start a transaction on a material, add in the quantity desired and click the Buy button on a listing.

For Wanted materials, if you want to make an offer, click the Connect button on a listing.